Today I will be impacting some knowledge about you wanting to be a Blogger.

Actually, you can start up a successful blog if you have money or not. But you must have interest in blogging for you to be successful in it. well,most of our young Bloggers today are running into Blogging just because of the Money ,not knowing that blogging is a long term investment.

To cut this short,we have various types of platform in blogging, but I will advice you when starting up a blog,go for a better host.

See the two recommended platforms listed below:

  • WordPress: you can get a self hosting plan to start up a WordPress blog.

Examples of companies offering WordPress services are:

1. Domainking

2. whogohost

3. Go daddy

4. Namecheap

5. Bluehost

  • Blogger : blogger is a free platform for blogging owned by google, it has been in existence for long. As a newbie I would advice you to start with Blogger blog, then as time goes on when you are fully a Blogger, you can move to a self hosted WordPress blog.

Things you need to do before venturing into blogging.

1. Think carefully about what you are good at(category of what you are planning to blog about).

2.  Choose a perfect domain name for your blog.

I hope with this little tutorial u can venture into blogging... If you think this article is helpful you can share to your friends and family,do not forget to drop your comments before leaving.


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