Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Step by step guide on how to get and setup mp3tag with jingle on WordPress

Hello fans and love ones of this blog,earlier this year I have gotten so much messages from bloggers asking me on how to add jingle to music, like More Music @

So today,I decided to share the script and installation guide,follow the below steps to get the script and installation guide.

Mp3tag with jingle script

Installation Guide

1.Download the script with the above link.

2.After downloading, goto file manager on your control panel(cpanel)

3.locate public_html inside your file manager.

4.create a new folder under public_html. on your new folder,upload your script.

6.extract the script

7.edit to your taste.

To tag your music and add jingle, goto new folder

If you don't understand, kindly drop your comment.