With the Forms Email Notifications add-on, you can consequently send messages to anybody each time a client presents your Google Form. You can advise the shape proprietor, the frame respondent, your colleagues or any other individual and the messages are activated promptly after a shape is submitted.

The Google Forms add-on can likewise send restrictive messages to particular individuals contingent upon what a client has chosen in your Google Form. The body and subject of the email message can be customized for every beneficiary with the frame answers.

Before we get into the usage, here are some certifiable cases where contingent email warnings can come helpful:

Illustration A: Send Email to Different Departments 

Restrictive Email Notifications

This is a technical support shape where the client fills in the item name and their area. With the Google Forms addon, you can make a contingent email that goes out to the iPhone bolster group when the chose answer is either iPhone or iPad. Another email could go out to the India group when the client chooses India in the nation drop-down.

Case 2: Route Emails to Class Teachers 

This is a school frame where guardians are required to give assent. On the off chance that a parent says "yes", the class instructor of the understudy ought to be messaged and an affirmation email ought to likewise go out to the parent's email address. In the event that the appropriate response is "No", the email notices aren't sent anyplace.

Step by step instructions to Send Conditional Emails with Google Forms 

Here's a well ordered guide on the best way to set up notice messages in view of the client's answers in the Google Form.

Go to the Google Forms store and introduce the Email Notifications add-on. Next, go to forms.google.com and either make another frame or utilize any of your current structures. The addon is likewise perfect with Quiz based structures.

Arrange Email Notification for Google Forms 

Inside the Google Form proofreader window, tap the extra symbol (it would appear that a baffle), pick Email Notification for Forms > Create Email Notification (you can likewise set up portable notices with IFTTT).

Here, indicate the shape run name (say "Advise the Teacher") yet leave the "Email Addresses to Notify" field clear – we have to send messages just when particular conditions are met, else we avoid the notice. Snap Continue.

On the following screen, tap the Visual Email catch and make your own particular rich-content email format. You can likewise incorporate placeholders for frame fields – like {{Phone Number}} – and these will be supplanted with the genuine esteems entered by the client. Snap Continue

Tap the Edit Conditions catch and here include at least one restrictive explanations for each run the show. In the accompanying screen capture, messages are sent to the parent and jeff@school.com at whatever point the assent esteem is "Yes" and the educator's name contains either Jeff, Jordon or Mary.

In the Rule #2, messages are sent to the school primary if the parent has picked "No" as the appropriate response and different tenets will be skipped.

That is it. Spare the govern, go to the live Google Form and present a test section. On the off chance that the guidelines are effectively set up, the messages will be accurately directed to various email locations and you can discover a duplicate of the considerable number of messages that were conveyed in your Gmail Sent Items envelope.

Look at the video instructional exercise ? on YouTube and the documentation to find out about the abilities of the Google Forms Notifications addon.


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