Since  Airtel has launched their 4G LTE network, they have been trying their possible best to compete with other networks by offering different kins of cheap offers for their 4G LTE users. Absolutely, it’s of course a brand new business strategy to attract more customers.
Moreover, a 4G LTE user can now get three wonderful bonuses, which are: Free 4GB data when you swap your SIM, 25% bonus on data plans above N500 for the next 3 months and lastly, is a MiFi bonus, get a MiFi for N10,000 and get free 4GB data.
The Free 4GB data valid for complete 30 days, the 25% data bonus valid for 3 months and the MiFi free 4GB data valid for 30 days. So, you can get unbeatable offers on 4G that works, especially on Airtel network.
To swap an old Airtel SIM, visit any nearest Airtel store or you can equally get a new 4G SIM from any Airtel outlet. Register the SIM and switch on your 4G network and enjoy!


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